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Tips With Toni

Feb 22, 2018

On average, most of us do a really good job consuming enough protein at dinner time, but on a recent episode of the GymWiths Podcast I explained how and why we would be better off spreading out our protein intake throughout the day. In this episode you'll learn how to incorporate more protein rich foods at breakfast...

Feb 15, 2018

What's the deal with probiotics? What are they? What foods have them? Do I need to be eating these foods on a regular basis? What are the benefits? All of your questions about probiotics will be answered on this episode of Tips With Toni!


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Feb 8, 2018

Are you eating because you're hungry, bored, or it's just convenient for your schedule? When you do eat, do you eat until you're stuffed and can't fit anymore? Do you go long periods without eating where you feel faint, dizzy, or irritated? In this episode you will learn how to use "The Hunger Scale" to asses when to...

Feb 1, 2018

As a Registered Dietitian I frequently recommend using the "plate method" to my clients. This is an effective strategy to manage portion control, prevent over/under eating, and achieve a balanced and nutrient dense diet. Listen to learn more.


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